We start with market research and feasibility studies.  Then we prepare market entry strategies and business plans.

Research and Strategy


We start by spending time with you to understand your organization, your capabilities and especially your service, product or technology. We won’t start working until we have a good understanding of your business and its potential in Thailand.


We insist that you have the information you need to make good decisions. We collect data from many sources and organize it. We combine the data and our experience to draw conclusions and identify the right strategies.      

Industry Research

We have been doing research in Thailand since 1983 and know where to find information and who to interview. Our data comes from local databases, publicly available information and interviews. We maintain an extensive list of industry experts who support us when we need it.  

Consumer Research

We do consumer research for retail and consumer clients. Through our partnership with BeDigital, we are a leader in on-line surveys. We use superior technology to collect big data and we deploy innovative analytics to provide better insight. Our approach is better, quicker and cheaper compared to traditional survey methods.

Feasibility Studies

We do “high level” feasibility studies to quickly determine the case for business development. We focus on the market potential, barriers to entry, the revenue model, opportunities, risks, costs, financial projections and potential returns on investment.

Business Plans

If a feasibility study shows there is potential, we go further to recommend tactics and strategies, partners, people requirements, organization structures and marketing plans. We develop detailed action plans and timelines for completion.

Strong research combined with local knowledge and experience

Plan Execution

We work with our clients as the local advisor and drive the early phases of new business development.

Your Local Representative

We often work with companies who want to enter the market but prefer not to immediately establish a physical presence in Thailand.

We can:

  • act as your local representative
  • incorporate legal entities
  • recruit key personnel
  • provide local financial and operational management  

Joint Ventures and Acquisitions

In many cases, our clients want to form joint ventures with local partners. Sometimes this involves registering a new company, jointly injecting equity and launching a business together. Alternatively, many of our clients want to invest in an existing business by acquiring a minority or majority equity stake, etc. For these opportunities,


  • facilitate meetings and support negotiations
  • advise on deal / partnership structures
  • review financial and operational information
  • support due diligence (in cooperation with other advisors)
  • do the financial modelling and valuation
  • advise on use of external advisors (legal, financial, etc.)
  • support efforts to draft and finalize legal documentation
  • manage entire process to final completion

Greenfield and Brownfield Manufacturing

Some of our clients want to produce in Thailand and sell their products domestically and internationally. In these cases, we help our clients invest to build new factories or buy / lease and retrofit existing factories. We help:

  • do site selection (usually in an industrial estate)
  • obtain licenses
  • apply for tax incentives
  • advise on selection of builders / contractors
  • supervise construction
  • advise on materials sourcing, supply chain and logistics

Local Sales and Distribution

Some of our clients have products they produce in their home markets and want to export to Thailand.   In these cases, we help opir clients find a local distributor or develop their own local sales and distribution capability.


if our clients prefer to license distribution rights to a local partner, then we can:


  • identify, profile and evaluate potential distributors
  • support efforts to negotiate and finalize license / distribution agreements
  • advise on performance and facilitate communications with local distributor


if our clients prefer to develop their own sales and distribution capabilities, then we can:

  • recruit a dedicated sales and customer service team
  • develop a logistic operation (while using third party logistics providers, if appropriate)
  • advise on marketing strategies and meet with potential customers
  • participate in monthly / quarterly reviews to evaluate and improve performance


Sometimes our clients want to explore local financing opportunities. We have extensive connections with local banks and private investors and are able to help our clients explore and access local financing.


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